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Culture Creatures A toolkit for teachers which encloses a narrative and proactive method to accomplish multi-cultural awareness and understanding amongst children in a classroom. CultureCreatures is a method to discuss multicultural identities and the complications of the multicultural society in a classroom. The teacher takes the children through a process in which the children draw their own cultural objects, exchange and combine them with the objects of their peers and create new multi-cultural Identities. Namely, culture creatures. The method focusses on acknowledging and understanding cultural differences and learning as a group process. “ Surisotur MarMar is a culture creature. It exists out of several cultural objects coming from different cultures. Therefore, Surisotur MarMar is unique in its sort. One day Surisotur MarMar decides to visit the human world. But the humans chase him away. They have never seen a creature like surisotur MarMar before and they are a bit scared. “Go back to where to where you came from” they say. But where does the creature belong? Surisotur MarMar becomes unhappy and insecure. Is Surisotur really the only one of its kind?”  The result is a world full of new culture creatures and friends for Surisotur MarMarto show the creature it is not alone and very welcome in the human world.  in collaboration with Vredesburo Eindhoven.  Video with the first test group at a primary school with the age of 10
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 Collection of culture Creatures that was madeby class 6 from the international primary school in Eindhoven
"I have learned you should respect other cultures and that normal means something else to everyone" - lisa - 10 years old The toolkit The kit holds everything for the teacher to facilitate a culture creature class. All the items sit in a bag made from tarp, that can be fold open to instantly start a class. The items are a manual booklet for the teacher, example sheets, punchers, scissors pins and wax-chalks and last but not least a Surisotur MarMar cuddle. the process The group of children is taken through a process of co-creation by the teacher. In five steps the group creates a family of culture creatures. The steps are first to draw five cultural objects from their own culture, then to exchange them with their peers. After forming groups they cut out the cultural objects and from new creatures. When they have completed a creature they have to give it a name and make up the context. All this represents a process of getting to know many different cultures and choosing elements from it to create their own new world. Learning how to create your own culture is of great importance in our increasingly multi-cultural world which is perfectly represented within classrooms. Culture creatures is a way to play and experiment with culture at a young age so it might go easier at a later age.
"It is a refreshing and releaving way to make cultural differences discussable" Teacher of a primary school class
Teachers often experience insecurity when having to talk about cultural differences. Teachers do not only deal with children but also with their parents, who sometimes are a bit less flexible in mindset. Because the culture creature method does not give content but asks the children to deliver the content the teacher is not bothered by self-censorship and worries about what he can say or not.
illustrated page from the teachers manual
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the culture creatures Method is now available at Vredesburo Eindhoven click for more information. here