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Eindhoven 2016
"It was cold and we were not allowed to bring a jacket on the boat" Ali - A Syrian refugee This is what Ali told me when I met him to talk about what it is like to flee and to make the traversee from Maroc to Europe by boat. I was asked to work within the theme of warmth. I was looking for a situation in which you would need some warmth and this is how I ran into Ali. He explained me no one was prepared for the oversees trip. On the boat it is very cold. You are not protected from the elements. You are also not allowed to wear any life jacket. The boat dealers rather have you drowning then make it back to shore . To prevent you telling everyone waiting for the boat how the dealers f*cked you over. When you want to make the traversee you pay a "boat dealer" to get you to the other side. The prices are high and the risk too. Besides you are never sure if the dealer keeps it word. Before you get on the boat you wait in a camp. These camps are watched over by the army. Everything that looks like it has any value is taken. "So it does not fall into the hands of IS" says the army. Ali had a warm coat. He could not keep it. It looked to much like it could benefit the army of IS. So the whole trip he was very cold.
  so how do I make something that looks crap but is still warm (and cheap)
FILL is a jacket that looks like a worthless crumpled paper bag when unfolded is a warm, water-resistant jacket that can be filled with waste material to insulate. I wanted it to look worthless so it would not be taken by authorities. How it is made The jacket is build in different layers. The top layer is tyvek, it makes the jacket waterproof. It looks like paper but is a material made from pressed plastic fibers. The inside is covered with aluminum which keeps the warmth from escaping the body. Then there is a cavity that can be entered by zippers in the armpits. This cavity is to fill up yourself with any insulating material that you can find around you. Examples are leaves, paper, cardboard, bubblewrap, fabric etc. This allows the jacket to be crumpled together and still be warm. The layer closest to the skin is a plain cotton layer that absorbs sweat so the body doesn't cool from sweat. One size fits all. Velcro and straps make sure all ends can be closed tight around the body so no valuable warmth escapes from the jacket.

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