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Magic Twister
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making electricity interactive
Eindhoven 2016
 magic twister exhibited at the Eindhoven technology week, two little visitors are testing the prototype. Eindhoven 2015
Magic twister making electricity interactive in collaboration with Seo-kim and Carla Joachim How can we celebrate electricity in a fun and physical way? This project was born out of a mutual interest of dancing and electricity circuits. We wanted to translate the feeling of closing a circuit in a physical way to understand what is happening.  Therefor Magic Twister used the principle of the super basic electric circuit that can be closed on when you touch each other. The players of the game have to wear a suit with several coloured and conductive patches spread out over the body. The goal is to connect two coloured patches together. The circuit is  connected to a laptop which will take a picture when the circuit closes. The outcome are athletic and fun pictures. We exhibited the project on the Eindhoven technology week where it played a refreshing and fun role between all the high-tech projects.
 picture made by closing the electricity loop
how it works
 THE suit
Tools laptop, makeymakey, batteries Materials fabric, nursing suits, conductive paint, coppertape, socks, sewing thread
exhibited at 100 years Philips
Exhibited at technology week eindhoven