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When a small idea for a party turns into a big happy event.
a traditional panzula dancegroup perfoming a fiery dance,
Re-cape festival celebrating creativity from every corner of cape-town. A festival celebrating multidisciplinary talent coming from all over cape-town in the center of the mother city. Bringing social classes together in a day of explosive fun. The city of cape town is a socially very divided place. Even this is an understatement. Some have access to self-development others don't. Things are black or white, literally and figuratively spoken. After having spent 6 months in this unbelievable city I had encountered so many people with the most diverse and amazing talents. Unfortunately most of them people who do not have the chance to expose their talents.  When it was time for me to leave the mothercity I decided to throw a party, but not just a party. No It would have to be the party where cape town would get together no matter where you come form, celebrating creativity and forget the gaps in society. Re-cape festival. Giving stage to those who normally do not have this exposure, giving the opportunity to feel valued. So arranged a location in the socially advanced center of the city. And what a party it was. 70 artists from painter to dancer, from photographer to rapper and even one clown showed their talents to 200 visitors in an explosion of joy. One day everyone was equal.


a very little overview of all the activities

among which; spoken word, weaving with braids

a clown, animals out of plastic and painting.


No money = MORE fun As there was no money available for this festival it was completely arranged without. Thriving on community power and engagement. Using waste material as decoration and construction. Everything was maybe even better because we used no money. I even arranged transport for those who normally cannot afford the trip to the center.

Rappers and artists in front of the wall on which the artist BU KINHANG made a mural on with chalck.

The spark of this amazing happening were a bunch of great guys who aspire a rap career. They want to inspire the youth in Cape Town to follow their dreams and to fight for their talents in stead of falling for gansterism. They wanted to become famous so the youth could take an example. I thought let's give this a stage! I made sure they had their movies uploaded on the internet and helped them create an email acount to start contacting people. But there must be more people like them I thought, and indeed there were!
A new legacy? When I left CapeTown, the RE-CAPE community decided to make version 2 of the RE-CAPE. Who knows there might be more in the near future...
It became an EXPLOSION