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 Athens 2016-2017 Part of the CityCircles programm about projects contact
"This is exactly how we feel" Marina 24 years old inhabitant of Athens
Lady why are you feeding the pigeons? The research started when I saw a poor lady feeding the pigeons. I was wondering why she was feeding the pigeons while she did not look like she had a lot to eat herself.
in Athens I saw more and more the comparison between homeless people and pigeons. Both are treated with disrespect by the financially advantaged part of the inhabitants. The ones who do care about these souls are the people who have not much to give themselves eighter. It shows the best and the worst of people in the same time. I found it a beautiful distopia that deserved a place in the story about Athens.

Above: pigeons being fed

under: people waiting in line to receive a packed croissant per person.

It is hard to draw a circle This project was exhibited in a collective exhibition, it's hard to draw a circle, of the city circles group. I installed bird spikes in door opening to imitate the behaviour of the resisting inhabitants of Athens.