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A street kitchen that prevents vegetables from going to waste in an environment where people are hungry, namely Athens. Considering Greek food culture in which they use every part of the animal or plant, I found it strange that after the weekly market all the unsold fruits and vegetables were left behind on the street. Due to insufficient storage for the food, the market sales-vvmen could not take it home. Athens 2016-2017 Part of the CityCircles programm
  what is food?
What some consider food, others consider waste. It depends how you present it. How you create the atmosphere and if you take care. After the weekly market in Kerameikos, Athens a lot of still edible fruit and veg was left behind on the streets. This was a painfull sight in an environment where a lot of people are hungry.
a day at Kerameikos market As the day proceeds the salesmen are forced to drop their prices. They won't sell their products if they don't. With the change of the price, the audience changes until the products are left behind.
life after the market
"people don't eat nutriments, they eat food" -biotshepo Giyose Senior Nutrition Officer at FAO